Sponsorship Opportunities

The Electric City Maroon & White is a registered not for profit charity without major sponsorship. We try to keep hockey affordable for our players and families but this can be financially difficult with ice rental, player insurance and travel costs. The majority of our older members are on fixed incomes and require transportation assistance to all of our away games and events. Now with the addition of more Intermediate players for the 2019/2020 season we will require three rental vehicles when we hit the road. The majority of our special needs opponents are located in the GTA and elsewhere and although it is not required that we have to play other teams it not only give our players the opportunity to meet and befriend other special needs athletes both on and off the ice. The whole experience of being with your friends in an SUV, eating together, laughing and joking along the way and talking about the game afterwards is massive for the inclusion and friendship aspect! 

The team also takes part in a yearly tournament (Ottawa 2020) and for much of our team this is out of reach financially. We're proud to assist those that need help with hotels and travel expenses. 

Our mission statement begins with Everyone Plays which we firmly stand behind as no one is turned away if they do not have the ability to pay. Period. 

The ECM&W is proud to partner with the Cottage Country Craft shows which are a series of events held in Lindsay and Peterborough. Through the kindness of the organizers Stuart and Nancy Booth several members of the team help set up for the show, assist vendors, work at the entrance table and “coffee club" and tear down after the conclusion of the show. The $2.00 entrance fee and all money from the sales of food and drinks are donated directly back to the team. We love working with Nancy and Stu and it gives the players a chance to be included, to interact with customers at the show and to feel proud that they are part of raising funds for the team! 

Trent East vs West Charity Hockey Game – We are once the charity of choice for the annual game that pits the two Trent “sides" against each other. It's a wild Friday night with students cheering on each side and a highlight for many of our older players who skate during the pregame holding the banners for several Trent houses.

What can you do to help? In a perfect world I'd love to offer your company the opportunity to be the “title sponsor" of the team. If interested we can discuss that option. There has been much success in the newly created “sponsor a player" which is $300.00 per season. This will cover everything for your player including the ice time, insurance, equipment if necessary and travel assistance. And with that wonderful donation you ensure that Everyone Plays and as a personal thank you we will promote your company through our very active social medial accounts and brand representation on our website which has had over 65,000 visits in the last year alone! 

Please feel free to reach out to me by email chris@electriccityspecialneedshockey.com or by phone at 705.927.1317

2020/2021 Player Sponsors 

The Electric City Maroon & White would like to thank the following companies and people for there very generous sponsorship of a player for the 2020/2021 hockey season.