Mission Statement/About Us

The Electric City Maroon & White are an organization built on acceptance of any child or adult with a special need. Our mission statement starts with "everyone plays" which we firmly stand behind as we are the only SHI team in the world to feature wheelchair athletes. ECM&W is a safe, friendly family atmosphere that includes an amazing coaching staff who use positive reinforcement both on and off the ice.


Our players have many special needs like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, sight and hearing impairments and a wide range of physical and neurological disorders but on the ice everyone is a hockey player!

  • Open to any child or adult of any age with any special need of any age
  • No skating or hockey experience required
  • Learn to skate program available
  • Equipment can be provided
  • A dedicated coaching staff
  • One game or practice per week
  • Financial liaison support available to help with funding
  • Social outings