Mackenzie Clark

"Mack" signed on with Electric City in September 2016 as a "fantastic opportunity" to work with the special needs. She is currently finishing her degree at Trent University in Psychology and then following that with more education at Durham for Mental Health and Addictions. 

With a dedication to help others Mackenzie has excelled as a coach acting in many roles from pushing wheelchairs, helping our female athletes get prepared in the dressing room and taking many of our team photographs. 

Even though Mackenzie is active with school and a part-time job she is ever-present on the ice and never too busy to help with anything that is asked of her. 

Her volunteer efforts were recently recognized by the local radio station Fresh 100.5 who awarded her two well deserved tickets to this summers upcoming Taylor Swift concert.  

Mackenzie Clark / Coach

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie followed up her first season with the team by spending the summer working at Camp Kodiak, a unique, integrated, non-competitive program for children & teens with & without ADHD, LD, & high-functioning ASD located near Parry Sound, Ontario.

In her spare time Mack enjoys reading, scrapbooking, crafting and listening to music and going to concerts. Best concert ever? Taylor Swift!

Her favourite NHL team is the Toronto Maple Leafs with speedy winger William Nylander as “the man"

It's tough to narrow down a favourite memory and after some thought Mackenzie says “My favorite memory has to be the final day of the SHI Tournament in Peterborough in 2017, where Coach Lindsay, Esme and I were pushing our three junior players in wheelchairs on the ice during their final game. Both teams were scoring consistently,  with the support of parents and friends in the stands cheering them on. While pushing Quinn, she called my name and I leaned down to listen, where she replied with “thank you for pushing me and helping me get a goal”. That was definitely the moment I knew I made the best decision ever of being apart of this team!"

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