Chris Williams

dsc0243-1My name is Chris Williams and I am the head coach of your Electric City Maroon & White special needs hockey teams. I've been involved with hockey in one form or another for 45 years now and involved coaching with the special needs for the past four years. My friendships with the players, families, volunteers and supporters are as important off the ice as they are on the ice. Hockey and sports should be about fun and this is what my coaching style is about. Teaching the fundamentals of the game with a smile and a lot of encouragement and praise!

I have been fortunate enough to witness some amazing things through special needs hockey, watching players grow with the game and hearing how much it impacts their lives off the ice. These stories are what motivate not only myself but our wonderful volunteers to come out to the arenas to make that difference in someone else's life.

Coach Chris

Coaches Message November 28th, 2016

Over the past 3 weeks I've sat down about 5 times to try and write something but each of those 5 times something has come up to interrupt the process.

What can I say? It's been an incredibly tough November for so many of us in so many ways and at times that light at the end of the tunnel appeared distant and faint. And soon after the proverbial crap hit the fan something amazing and wonderful happened. The local community of Peterborough and beyond picked us up, dusted us off, held our hand and gave us a great big hug. We needed it more than most will ever know and for that we can thank you in the best way possible, by continuing to provide opportunities for kids and adults with special needs.

As an organization the Electric City Maroon & White is being built from the ground-up starting with good people who first and foremost have the best interest of the players and their families in hand. We will be completely transparent and by the book down to the last dollar and our financial statement will be available to anyone upon request. Be confident that not one Board member or volunteer is financially compensated nor have any asked to be. We are all here for "the love of the game", we are all here to give back and to make that difference the we are so privileged to see every week, both on and off the ice!

Peterborough, you have been simply amazing, you became the headline of the story that buried the rest of the garbage to the back page where it belongs. You inspired others far away to reach out to me with the words always beginning with "what amazing community support" I have spent 25 years in Peterborough, raised a family and watched all of my children become incredible adults that like you, give back. The old adage of it takes a village to raise a child or in my case 5 children.

Where do we go from here? We keep moving forward with our new name and our new colours doing what we do best, making memories one game at a time!

With the utmost love and appreciation and from behalf of our players, our parents and myself I wish to thank the following organizations and people for all of your support in every way possible.

Canadian Tire Pit Stop - Cogeco - Jimmy Light Show - Neil Morton - Service Master - Kyle "Lobster Boy" Manol - The Foodie Duo - Michael Brioux - Rental City - Studio-N - Transcanada Nissan - Neil Morton - PTBOCanada - Dave Pogue - Burton Lee -Peterborough Petes - The Vlaad family - Hair By Fusion - The "Kimmett Kids" - Trent Radio listeners - Total Physio - Tom Ellis - Melanie from Costco - David and Patrica Morton - Peterborough Petes AAA Minor Peewee team - North Bay North Stars - David and Carol Fisher - Rob Howard - The PHA Junior Tyke "Leafs - Lyndsey Wrightly - Lakefield Giant Tiger - Peterborough Bath Renovations - Bathtub King Refinishing - Kawartha Mens Social Club - Ricart Promotion & Recognition - Lynda Powell - Archer Trucking - Arlene Godby - James Todd - Kaeden Ball - Epilepsy Peterborough - Gotta Havva Pizza - Amanda's Metal Creations - Stuart and Nancy Booth - Travis McLeod - Dana Hayes - Evan Williams - Jake McLeod - Lexuss Pritchard - Cottage Country Connection -Benn Atkins - Emma Cox - Catherine Alexandra - Heather Campbell - Dave Smith - Blake Ulrich - Anonymous Donors - Lindsay & Peterborough Movers & Storage - "Muay Thai Mike " Dohjo Muay Thai - Kobe Sports - Gus Norman - Jim & Shauna Perkins - Chief Murray Rod

And to all of the players and families from all of our SHI "family" from across the world who have stood by us during this difficult time!

Sincerely - Chris Williams #hockeywithheart